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217 is Architectural Lecture Series. Two architects based in Osaka, Kohki Hiranuma and Ryuichi Ashizawa
invite architects, seven times a year (once every two months, at 7:00 pm).
They ask the guests the thought as an architect, and explore approaches to architecture and their works.@Flyer(PDF)

A unique feature of Ishiyama's career can be expressed ina single word – the self-build project –
by low cost residential spaces in which Ishiyama has been interested. Beside this self-build concept,
Ishiyama has recently began eyeing the theme of agriculture and architecture, considering issues of
self-sufficient energy supply and environmental circulation. Aside from designs intended solely for habitation,
Ishiyama has also designed bridges and streets (or public walks) for festivals and market fairs in the city planning projects.
Perhaps in homage to the Japanese images of tradition, Ishiyama always seek to enrich the townscape not by modifying it,
but by preserving and extending the life of images from the time of the old Japan. Through news media
and publications as well as his architectural works, Ishiyama has tried to speak out about the coming society.
As part of a general tendency to think, plan, and work on architecture, Ishiyama gave an exhibition in the summer
of 2008 at Setagaya Art Museum in Tokyo. Before that, he presented his work at the Venice Biennial (in 1996),
where he received the Golden Lion Prize, and Visions of Japan Exhibition in the Japan Festival held in London (in 1991).
Exhibitions held elsewhere include the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Orleans and Paris in France.
The books Ishiyama has published include Kenchiku ga miru yume (The dreams that architecture see)
– Osamu Ishiyama: 12 Architectural VisionsX(Kodansha, 2008),
SELF-BUILD (Kotsushimbunsha, 2008), Ikinobiru Tame no Kenchiku (NTT Publishing, 2010).

Flyer (PDF)
It has exceeded the capacity. So we have closed Application.
Please look forward to the next event.

(St. Regis Osaka) 1F Hall

Directly from  "Honmachi station" Exit 7 of Osaka Municipal Subway "Midosuji-Line"

3-6-4, Hommachi, Chuo-ku, OSAKA
541-0053 JAPAN@MAP

Capacity 200 (Pre-registration, First-come basis)

Admission 1,000 yen@

Koriyama, Fukushima 2009
Otofuke, Hokkaido 2009
Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2006

Ryuichi Ashizawa

The architect. Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1971. Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects organized. His major works, there is a cultural construction, such as sitting on the water or water Osaka Setore chapel. JCD Design Award Contest, Watanabe clause construction award and Osaka, LeafAward (UK) INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTURE AWARD and the USA for example, has won numerous awards at home and abroad. Currently, Kobe University part-time lecturer.


Kohki Hiranuma

The architect. Born in Osaka in 1971. Building Research Institute Hiranuma organized filial piety. His major works, including buildings that house or building tube experiment Rinku Tokyo time. JCD Design Award and the Award of Japan Federation of Architects, the International Architecture Awards Innovative Architecture (Italy), International Architectural Award Grand design (UK), for example, has won numerous awards at home and abroad. Currently, part-time lecturer at Osaka University.

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